Masta T Talks About Live Bands Musicians 

Live bands(Musicians)are not beggars!!!
Live band/musicians are also professionals and not petty beggars be it as it may!!! A good and versatile live band consists minimum of 12/15 educated professional individuals and to engage these number and caliber of people, you need to pay them judiciously. Musicians are professionals just like bankers, insurance brokers, politicians, engineers, and the likes of others, music professionals are not mere miscreants and not trivial people. Each band members deserve to be well paid for every service(s) rendered at events, 50k each per gig is not even enough to reward them for the service being provided.
Musicians have families to cater for!
Musicians have wife/wives and child(ren) to raise!!
Musicians have got bills to pay and wouldn’t be given preference not to pay like their doctor and lawyer neighbors!!!!!
Musicians are also breadwinners of their family!!!
Musicians have dreams of building/buying properties in classic environments too!!!!
Musicians want to cruise latest automobiles!!!!!
The only major Avenue a musician could be proselytized to come showcase or advertise is club regulars(jumps) NOT events!!!! Events don’t happen by accident! You planned for the foods and drinks and paid judiciously!!! You paid the decorator indiscriminately!!! Even other deserts, chops, chapman, garri and bushmeat, fruits, camera and photography, halls, bouncers, ushers, sometimes celebrity MCs, and the rest, but considering the budget you have for musicians??? Always very ridiculous!!! When are musicians going to achieve their dreams too? We don’t get special treatments anywhere for being a musician, rather we get harassed by hoodlums to pay them(owo ilè) after being paid peanuts to perform at events and then you vanish without even caring about our securities!!!
Musicians should be encouraged not be become a musician+ like yahoo+ before we are accorded the respects and benefits we deserve. Please stop underestimating the value of live band musicians especially!!!! We matter!!! In fact without good music at your events, being dished out live to serenade your guests, all preparation made might be a colossal waste as the atmosphere may be likened to a sollein gathering!
Nonetheless; sometimes during performance when you try to entertain some set of people and they look at you as if you have come to beg for alms, even some will clearly embarrass you by telling you to leave and stop embarrassing them. Music therapy is even positively effective than some other therapies.
Please take no offense but be realistic and considerate !!!! The next time you plan your events, have a reasonable budget plan for live bands/musicians too!!! Encourage hard work!!! For example my band members are ALL graduates with higher grades from their various prestigious institutions!!! They really are not keen on looking for white collar jobs, provided their music profession can actualize their dreams and aspirations, this means these set of people would reduce the percentage of unemployed lazy Nigerian youths, reduce crimes and illegitimate activities in the country!!!!
Yes families and friends get discount but not free!!!
Yes churches get special preference but should not be free!!! Pastors get paid handsomely!!!
Yes there are events that would be considered for the amount offered but not most times!!!
Musicians are professionals!!! Pay them well!!! Just to mention a few...
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